So we’ve caught your eye! Fantastic!

Here’s a quick run down of how you can join our team, take part in all our events and retreats and invest in a better quality of life for you and your loved ones, all while exploring the possibilities of financial freedom.

First: Check out Young Living’s website and order a Starter Kit. If you don’t want the Starter Kit (which is a fantastic price by the way), you can become a member with the purchase of a few oils. If this is at all confusing, be sure to touch base with the team member that sent you our way – also make sure you use their Distributor # in both the Sponsor & Enroller ID sections.

Let’s buy some oils!

Second: Sign up for Essential Rewards through your Virtual Office, or at the same time as buying a Starter Kit! This is a stress-free way of building your oil collection each month, all while collecting redeemable points and bonus gifts & oils!

Can you explain more about Essential Rewards?

Third: Love it? Share it! Simply use our team resources located in the Members area to tell your personal network all about Young Living and their amazing products! Get three (or more) people to buy a Starter Kit, sign up for Essential Rewards, and share it with their network and you’re off to the races!

Great idea – let’s go!